Judge agrees for suspect's tattoos to be covered up for fair trial

By Michael Eli Dokosi

A suspect who is said to have robbed a man of his bike at gun point in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2013 has been given the chance for his tattoos to be covered by a cosmetologist before court session begins so he could have a fair trial.

The white supremacist, since the ruling by district judge Richard Scotti showed up in court with all of his Neo Nazi tattoos covered up on Monday as per the judge’s order.

A panel of potential jurors allegedly said they wouldn’t be able to treat Morgan’s case fairly because of the markings, prompting a district judge to require them to be covered.

He is however to remove the make-up after every court session before he returns to the Clark County Detention Center.


Morgan faces another trial in August accused of killing 75-year-old Jean Main. He faces the death penalty.