Child dies after drinking mother's akpeteshie

By Maame Aba Afful

A four-year-old girl drank herself to death after she mistook her mother’s locally made liquor for water.

The deceased whose name was only given as Adwoa died from ‘extreme’ alcohol poisoning after drinking a bottle of the liquor locally known as ‘akpeteshi’.

The unfortunate incident occurred at Enyan Abasa, a farming community in the Central region. According to reports, the ‘akpeteshi’ which caused the toddlers death belongs to her mother, Nana Enyiwa.

Residents blame the mother whom they claim was fond of using the liquor as an appetizer before meals. They said the young girl started suffocating and bleeding through her nostrils and was rushed to the Enyan Abasa health centre for treatment.

But due to the severity of her condition, she was transferred to Asikuma hospital where doctors were unable to revive her.