Seven students dismissed over 'sex party' at Damongo SHS

By Clement Edward Kumsah

Authorities at Damongo Senior High School in the Northern Region have sacked seven students for engaging in a sex party during the Eid holiday.

The  three boys and four girls were caught in the act after a tip off by a staff of the school led to their apprehension at about 2am on Tuesday June 27, in a rented room.

Students of Damongo Senior High were allowed to leave the school premises to participate in the Eid festivities and to report back to school at exactly 5:00pm on Monday.

According to school authorities,  the students rented the room in the Damongo township where they sneaked out of school during classes hours to engage in sexual escapades. Items found in the room included mattresses and contraceptives.

Some of the sacked students have accused the school authorities of violating their rights. Narrating their ordeal to press men, one said they were locked up in a classroom and subjected to slaps and beatings before being released to go home. They were also marched through some principal streets  of Damongo and hooted at by resident. 

The treatment meted out to the students have also drawn condemnation from a section of the residents of the community. They maintain the punishments were too extreme and without recourse to prescribed disciplinary procedures at the second cycle level.