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Mother 'cut-in-half' by hospital elevator after giving birth

By Maame Aba Afful
Rocio Nunez
Rocio Nunez

A mother has died after she was cut in half in a hospital lift – shortly after giving birth to her third daughter.

Rocio Cortes Nunez was being transported on a stretcher to another floor of Our Lady of Valme Hospital in Seville, southern Spain when she became trapped in the elevator.

She had just given birth by C-section and was on her way to a maternity ward to recover and spend time with her newborn on Sunday. Her baby escaped unhurt.

She had two other girls, aged four and five-years-old, according to local media, which reported the 25-year-old had been decapitated in the horrific tragedy.

It is thought the lift began moving upwards before the stretcher was fully in, following a suspected mechanical failure.

The victim’s brother-in-law, David Gaspar, told Europa Press the family was “devastated” by her death.
Her husband, Jose Gaspar, told ABC Sevilla: “I’m a total wreck, this cannot continue. Today it has been Rocio, but tomorrow it could be another person.”

Carmen Nunez said her heart started pounding with worry for her daughter when she learned there had been an accident involving a lift at the hospital.

“I went to the information desk. They told me that a girl had died, and then they confirmed that she was my daughter. What a cruel death she suffered,” she told Diario de Sevilla.

Health minister Marina Alvarez said the “tragic accident” was being investigated. She said the lift had undergone checks on 12 August and complied with the regulations.

Source: Sky News Ghana News

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