Restoring virginity is an easy task for me - 'juju' man claims

By Michael Klugey
Restoring virginity is an easy task for me - 'juju' man claims
Restoring virginity is an easy task for me - 'juju' man claims

A native doctor identified as Erdington Virimayi from Kwekwe, Zimbabwe, claim that restoring a woman's virginity is the easiest task for him. 

Ever since the native doctor’s abilities became public knowledge, many women have approached him to seek his services. 

Also, double to be both a prophet and a traditional doctor. He also specializes in locking couples, giving enriching charms as well as enlarging men’s manhood. 

According to the 'juju man' Erdington Virimayi, restoring virginity was a very easy task for him.

He said: “I restore virginity to girls as long as they follow what I tell them to do. It’s just most men know me for enlarging manhood to the sizes of their choices but I also have a service for women.”

He also claims a soldier became the talk of town after he enlarged his manhood.

He boasted: “He came back to me and thanked me for the service saying girls were falling over him after the service. That is how we do it.”

The native doctor who is also a member of the Mugodhi Apostolic Church said there was nothing wrong with mixing traditional practices and Christianity. He even reads a Bible for his clients because he’s also a prophet.

He said: “I started healing in 1989 when I was in Grade 7 when I was receiving prophetic visions. I was then taken by a mermaid and I was initiated into traditional healing. So I was a prophet until 2000 and now I am both a prophet and a traditional healer.”

Virimayi gets clients from different countries, with some of his clients coming from as far as South Africa, Botswana, and Namibia.