Woman calls 911, gets killed by Minneapolis police, source says

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
Justine Ruszczyk, left, and her fiancé were set to marry next month

A woman shot and killed by Minneapolis police had called 911 to report a possible crime near her home, a source who knew her said.

Justine Ruszczyk called 911 on Saturday night because she thought a sexual assault might be taking place in a back alley near her home, the source said.

But after Minneapolis police arrived, an officer shot and killed Ruszczyk.
Police still haven't explain how, or why.

The shooting happened as two Minneapolis police officers responded to a 911 call reporting a possible assault shortly before 11 p.m., Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges said.
The officers were wearing body cameras, but they were not turned on during the incident, the mayor said.
The Minnesota Department of Public Safety is now handling the case. The DPS' Bureau of Criminal Apprehension said authorities are in the initial stages of the investigation and are "working to learn more about the events that transpired."

'She was a healer'

According to her website, Ruszczyk trained as a veterinarian and later became a yoga instructor and life coach.
On Sunday, members of Women's March Minnesota honored her in a vigil. Chalk drawings on the driveway where they gathered said she would be remembered as "a loving woman, a light to everyone."

"This woman was a beautiful light. She was a healer, she was loved. She should still be here," one woman said to applause.

"This should not have happened ... that could've been me, that could've been you, that could've been you, that could've been any of us," she added. "And we're gonna talk and we're gonna work as a community to make sure this doesn't happen again."