Young woman has 'throat slit open' in shopping centre car park

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
A knifeman allegedly killed a woman by slitting her throat as she sat in the passenger seat of a vehicle in a car park while beeping her horn and screaming for help.
Horrifying bloodstains could be seen on the passenger window of a car cordoned off by police today outside the Dockside outlet centre in Chatham, Kent.
Witnesses saw a woman's leg hanging out of a car and a man fleeing the scene while covered in blood after allegedly shutting her in his vehicle near an Odeon cinema.

The woman is thought to have been sitting in the passenger seat of a black Citroen C1 when she was attacked in front of shocked onlookers this morning.
Police cordoned off the car park while a black Peugoet 107 was lifted on to a truck as detectives investigated, and later revealed that the woman had died.

It was not clear what injuries the victim suffered, but she was said to have been locked in a car before a man got in and stabbed her and slit her throat.
A 25-year-old man from the Medway area was arrested on suspicion of murder after the incident at about 11am today, which was believed to have been domestic-related.
Shocked witness Michelle Hextall told the Daily Express: 'The woman was screaming and bibbing the horn to get attention.

'Another shopper blocked the car in so he couldn't escape. Attacker was then put into police van. Didn't appear to resist arrest.
'The attacker is leaning on the bonnet of police car in front. His hands were covered in blood up to his elbows. Blood on T-shirt.'
Another witness, Rosie Bell, 25, was arriving at the centre when the incident unfolded. She said: 'Apparently a woman had been locked in her car by the guy.
'He's then come back to the car, got in the car and stabbed her and thenslit her throat.
'No-one could actually see the row that was happening because it was happening inside the car. Someone heard the woman screaming and people were running over shouting at the guy. He was in a bit of state so people didn't want to approach him.'

She then watched as the blood-soaked assailant, who was wearing a white vest, was arrested by police in front of crowds of shocked onlookers.
The mother-of-one added: 'He was put in hand cuffs and put in the back of a car.
'He was covered in blood and had a white vest on, but he was far away so I didn't see what he looked like other than that. It was horrible.
'When you hear someone has been stabbed, because of what's going on at the moment, I thought it might be terrorism. I think people were quite panicked.'
Another witness, who was heading towards a gym, saw the victim's leg hanging out of the car and the suspect run away covered in blood.
The man said: 'Me and my brother just arrived at the car park and parked at the back near where the incident happened.

'We just saw a car parked in front of the actual car where the body was inside, so I thought nothing of it, then we went and parked.
'We came out and saw more police coming, the sirens were in the distance coming towards the parked car. As we headed to the gym we walked around the car with the lady in.
'The door was left open but there was a leg was sticking out, I'm not sure what happened, but the guy ran out of the car, he had blood on him.
'Then more police cars came. A lady said the woman's throat was slit, if that's the case it's quite terrible.
'This stuff doesn't really happen round here, at this time of day as well. I've been here loads of times before at this time of day, so for this to happen is a disaster.'
There was lots of blood and people could be heard shouting, a witness said. Ten police cars were at the scene with firefighters, forensics teams and paramedics.

A green tent was erected and witnesses say they saw a man in a white vest and 'covered in blood' being put in a police car in handcuffs.
Witness Ash Tucker described the attacker sitting in his car, not looking 'phased' after the assault.
He said: 'I was just pulling into Dockside Chatham, ten police cars race past with flashing lights. As I've locked the door I hear shouting and commotion.
'The next bay opposite to me, there's a man covered in blood being restrained by officers. He's cut a lady's throat as she sits in her car and he doesn't even look fazed.'
Bystanders congregated in the area as officers spoke to witnesses and sealed off the car park with tape. An air ambulance was seen circling overhead.
One witness, who did not want to be named, said: 'We came out of the gym and the place was sealed off. We have heard someone has been stabbed.'

Police asked people with cars trapped in the cordon to be patient, because they will not be able to access them for several hours.
The cinema was laying on refreshments for people stranded by the incident.
Anthony Sutton, manager of Dockside Outlet Centre, said there had been an isolated incident involving a man and a woman.
He said: 'The man is in custody and we are liaising with and assisting the police to minimise disruption.'
A police spokesman said: 'Kent Police is investigating after the victim of a serious assault in Chatham has died.
'Officers and South East Coast Ambulance Service were called to the dockside area in Maritime Way, Chatham at 11.03am to a report of a serious assault.
'The woman, believed to be aged in her 20s, suffered injuries consistent with a stabbing, and died at the scene. Her next of kin has now been informed.
'A 25-year-old man from Rochester was arrested at the scene on suspicion of murder and remains in police custody. The victim and suspect are believed to be known to each other.
'Officers remain at the scene while they carry out enquiries. Members of the public are advised that much of the car park has been reopened. It is anticipated the remaining area will be open this evening.'

Source: Daily Mail