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BoG auctions 56-Day Bills at 28.9% interest rate, secures GHS 887 million

By Primenewsghana
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The Bank of Ghana successfully raised GHS 887 million through the issuance of its 56-day bills, auctioned at an interest rate of 28.9 percent on Wednesday, May 22, 2024.

Despite the lack of disclosed bid values from primary dealers and the absence of a stated target, the auction highlights the Central Bank’s ongoing efforts to manage liquidity within the banking system.

Central Bank bills, such as those issued by the BoG, play a crucial role in Open Market Operations (OMO), serving as a key monetary policy instrument to regulate money supply.

By issuing these short-term securities, the BoG aims to fine-tune the liquidity in the financial system, ensuring stability and control over inflationary pressures.

The proceeds from these auctions often serve dual purposes: managing liquidity and providing short-term funding to the government.

The 28.9 percent interest rate underscores the BoG’s monetary policy stance, reflecting the broader economic conditions and the Central Bank’s strategy to influence market rates and control money supply.

This latest auction is indicative of the BoG’s proactive measures in addressing economic challenges and supporting governmental fiscal needs.

As the economic landscape evolves, the effectiveness of such tools remains pivotal in maintaining financial stability and achieving monetary policy objectives.