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Cocoa farmers are being treated fairly – COCOBOD PRO

By Michael Eli Dokosi
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Head of Communications at the Ghana Cocoa Board (Cocobod), Mr. Noah Amenya has justified the increased margin of cocoa prices meant to benefit cocoa farmers.

Cocoa is now going for $2,950 per tonne representing a 5% increase in price of the product. Mr. Amenya pointed out that of cocoa stakeholders, it is the farmers who got a boost in price of their products while other stakeholders sacrificed.

He stated 11.6% gain accrued to the farmers across board adding the producer price review is done by a committee headed by Finance Minister, Seth Tekper.

Mr. Amenya also noted that when free fertilizers, seedlings, subsidized farm tools and scholarships for wards of cocoa farmers is all factored in, cocoa farmers are being treated fairly despite wolf cries by others.