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Ghana Standards Authority to close down illegal local factories

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
Ghana Standards Authority logo
Ghana Standards Authority logo

The Ghana Standards Authority has begun closing down of factories that are operating illegally and below industry standards.

The Ghana Standards Authority today May 9 started the exercise in Accra, speaking to Citi FM, Business Development Manager George Kojo said the exercise will be replicated in other parts of the country.

"So today essentially what we are doing is sampling some of the raw materials and then locking up the factory, so that is the aim of today's exercise and we are going to replicate this with the other factories we will be going to, this is done so that we prohibit them from manufacturing but the laws also mandate us to fine and we are actually in the process of engaging Parliament to revise some of the fines because we feel that our fines are not punitive enough because these people are making a lot of money and causing a lot of harm to the public so in addition to locking up the factory and preventing them from manufacturing we also going to slap them with fine and then we take it from there ones we make the case with the police if they have committed other infractions that require prosecution, the police will take it up from there."

Local companies urged to uphold standards

Branding expert is urging local companies to uphold high standards in their operation since it is the surest bet to sustainability.

Speaking at the maiden edition of the Ghana Business Awards, Latif Abubakar said local businesses cannot stand the test of time if they fail to take standards seriously.

He said it is one thing to set up a business, and it is another thing to produce compelling value for it.

Mr Abubakar said, “We appreciate the fact that they may be some kind of challenges that might not enable some companies to meet the complete standards but what they forget is that they are able to produce the Ghana-made product that meets international quality standards, what it can easily do to them is that they would penetrate that market internationally.”

He also urged Ghanaian businesses across the diaspora to extend their businesses home.


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