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NDC can only achieve 40% of manifesto promises - Lecturer

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Few hours to the ruling National Democratic Congress manifesto launch tomorrow, a lecturer at the University of Ghana Business School, Dr. Lord Mensah has foretold that the NDC will achieve less than 40% of the promises in it's manifesto considering sources of finance available.

In an interview with Radio Ghana, Dr. Lord Mensah labeled the NDC’s initiative of making Ghana a cashless society achievable as presented by President Mahama in the manifesto highlight earlier this week, but downplayed the party’s target of taming inflation to a single digit. 

“There are so many things he [President Mahama] mentioned that I think we should be happy with, if we look at cashless environment, we should focus on that, because money dealing with cash normally breed corruption and that money can exchange hands without being accounted for”

He added that comparing the NDC manifesto highlight to the 2012 manifesto, “which have been far from reach”, “the NDC has not been able to achieve single digit inflation as promised in the 2012 manifesto and also as we speak inflation has started showing an indication of upward direction.” 

Dr. Lord Mensah stated categorically that “if I should put figures on it and looking at the way hands are being tied in terms of options of source of finance, I don’t think they can achieve 40% of what is in the manifesto.”