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Reduce mobile money charges by 50% to help Covid-19 fight - Internal Auditors to Telecos

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
Mobile Money
Mobile Money
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The Institute of Internal Auditors Ghana has called on Bank of Ghana and Telecom operators to consider reducing charges on mobile money transactions by at least 50%.

This they believe will help minimize the spread of Coronavirus.

The use of physical cash according to health professionals can contribute to the spread of Covid-19.

Chairman of the Advocacy Committee of Internal Auditors Ghana Kofi Apengtem said the central bank should take advantage of this in promoting the cashless economy agenda.

Explaining their call to Joy FM, he said the reduction in Momo charges will reduce how people come in contact with physical cash hence reducing their risk of being infected with the virus.

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Speaking on the loses that they may incur, Kofi Apengtem said the increase in volumes of transaction due to the action will compensate for their loses.

"Bank of Ghana and the Telecos can help all of us by reducing the transfer charges on mobile money, Momo is almost everywhere and I believe that the increased volumes in transactions will handsomely compensate for the initial loss that they may incur in halving their transfer charges, I believe that we also need to protect our health workers when we are paying fees at the hospitals and pharmacies by using MOMO and other cashless systems or else we may kill them before they will be able to help us as a country." 

 Gov't condemns abnormal hike in prices of goods

Government has condemned the abnormal increase in prices of goods and services on the Ghanaian market.

Since the confirmation of Covid-19 in the country prices of some products like hand sanitizers and tissue paper have gone up astronomically on the market.

As being some of the essential products to help prevent the spread of the virus people are now rushing to buy as a precautionary measure.

Due to the panic buying most shops have increased their prices.

At a stakeholder meeting in Accra, the Minister for Information Kojo Opppong Nkrumah said this is not the time for people to be unduly profiteering on their products and services.

The Minister appealed to Ghanaians to sell at moderate prices for everyone to have access to the needed products that will help fight the spread of Covid-19.