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#3MusicAwards19: I was rushed to 37 Millitary Hospital before the event started - Sadiq shares sad story

By Michael Klugey
#3MusicAwards19: I was rushed to 37 Millitary Hospital before the event started -  Sadiq shares sad story
#3MusicAwards19: I was rushed to 37 Millitary Hospital before the event started - Sadiq shares sad story

Sadiq Abudulai Abu, founder of the 3Music Awards, has taken to social media to share a heartbreaking story as he was rushed to the 37 Military Hospital before the event started.

After all the hard work he together with his team put into the organization of the 3Music Awards held on March 30, 2019, at the Fantasy Dome, Sadiq Abudulai Abu wasn't present to enjoy his sweat of the actual showdown because he collapsed and was rushed to the hospital.

In a Facebook post, he shared his sad and painful experience, Sadiq stated that he is very pained that after all the work he did, he only had to rely on the account of others just to hear what happened at the event which has been hailed by many and lambasted by others as well.

He also used the post to doff off his hat for members of his team who held the fort very well even though some of the crucial things which were supposed to happen on the night needed his presence.

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Check out his full post below: 

“Painful and very sad to rely on other people’s account of an event myself and a super team worked so hard to produce.

Passed out backstage just before the intro performance and had to be rushed to the 37 Military hospital immediately. I rarely cry or break down emotionally but heaven knows I just couldn’t help it. Having to leave the team particularly when certain important aspects of the show relied heavily on me was too painful to contain.

Thanks to Allah’s favour I am stable now, but still feel pained I am yet to even experience something we all planned. I am even yet to watch the event itself but thanks to all who overwhelmingly contributed to the event. Particularly the board, the academy, the public, the media. Special mentions to the team Ezekiel Tetteh Edward Owusu Obed Boafo Ricky Rick Zac Aikins Bentum James Korsah-Brown, My wife Adizah Kuburah Braimah, the Multimedia group, DSTV, GoTV, Rhythmz Africa, Big Ideas, TBWA and the Fantasy Dome teams.

All the feedback and criticisms is highly appreciated as well and I am sure the board and the team recognises all the feedback and may inform the event going forward. Two years definitely should be enough to gather all the lessons and take the fall for our challenges. Hopefully we should do better next time. May God helps us all. Congrats to all deserving award winners.”