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I will face them in court and shrine – Afia Schwarzenegger after visiting Nogokpo

By PrimeNewsGhana
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Afia Schwarzenegger has declared her determination not to be silenced by Chairman Womtumi and his accomplices. She has resolved to solve the matter in shrines and the law courts.

Afia Schwarzenegger’s outburst during a phone-in on Okay FM stunned listeners as she revealed her intentions to use dark magic in her conflict with Chairman Wontumi and Lawyer Maurice Ampaw.

“We will go boot for boots. We will go to court, and we will go to the shrine. I drove to Nogokpo at 2 am. God should leave this fight for me because he is tired from all the fighting,” she fumed.

Earlier, Lawyer Ampaw revealed that they have been unable to serve Afia Schwar because she has not availed herself. In response, Afia pointed out that Chairman Wontumi knows her house.

“Of course. I will enter appearance and counter suit. And I will say this on record. My children saw Wontumi when he used to have sleepovers at my house. My children are 21 years. So when a man spends the night in a woman’s bedroom, what do they do? Did I look like his pastor? Or were we performing a communion service? With the drama about to unfold in this country, you will applaud me… I will fight for my right. I will defend my dignity,” Afia told the host.

According to Afia Schwarzenegger, she is tired of the maltreatment and bullying targeted at her. She also accused Chairman Wontumi of picking on her unnecessarily.

“I had four days left to leave for Holland. Wontumi had me asserted because he said he sent me money when I travelled… Let’s assume I went to Wontumi for a job and I didn’t get it. Is that a cause to fight and insult me? But I haven’t come begging you for a job.

“Enough is enough. I have tolerated a lot of things in Ghana. So people misbehave towards me. If you misbehave, I will turn you over to the gods. I swear. I am tired. Do they feed me?” Afia Schwarzenegger complained.