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Kobby failed as a solo artist now he wants Wutah back but am past that - Afriyie

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Crooner Afriyie has rebuffed calls to have his one-time partner Kobby join him in a reunion bid to re-establish Wutah, the one-time hit churning duo.


Speaking on Pluzz FM’s morning show it soon emerged that the acrimony that was left in the wake of the group’s disintegration hadn’t corroded.

Afriyie blamed Kobby for unilaterally walking out on the union in 2010 resulting in severe hardships for him as he had to start a new career all over adding now that the worst was over he wasn’t going to buy into Kobby’s repentant pleas especially when he had failed as a solo artiste.

“If he had succeeded when he went solo, do you think he would come back now asking us to join again? He is the one who left, I didn’t sack him. You leave your wife and you realize the new one you married is not treating you well, you come back and you expect her to open her arms and welcome you?” Afriyie quizzed.

Kobby who was also on phone whilst Afriyie was making these allegations responded that he has no ego problem.


“I don’t have any ego problem. If he wants to work on his ego its cool because I’ve gone further to beg him. I have witnesses who know that I have even gone on my knees to beg my brother. I’ve told him several times that I’ve no problem with him” Kobby pronounced.