KSM mocks Ghanaian pastors over collapsed banks

By Michael Klugey
KSM mocks Ghanaian pastors over collapsed banks
KSM mocks Ghanaian pastors over collapsed banks

A Ghanaian Actor cum Television Talk Show Host, Kwaku Sintim Misa, aka "KSM", has mocked at Ghanaian pastors over their inabilities to prophesy if a bank was going to collapse. 

There have been series of prophecies by some men of God, especially, the ones relating to the death of prominent people in the society, but there has never been any prophecy on the collapse of numerous banks in the country.

The latest local banks to collapse are the Royal Bank, uniBank, Beige Bank, Construction Bank and Sovereign Bank which the Bank of Ghana (BoG) came in to consolidate.

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BoG on Wednesday, August 1, 2018, collapsed five (5) banks and merged them into what the BoG called 'Consolidated Bank Ghana Limited' but none of these prophets got notification from God as they claim. 

In a Twitter post a day after these banks were consolidated, KSM expressed his feeling about prophets in the country who are more concern about the death of celebrities and prominent people in society instead of their wellbeing.

KSM wonders why these men of God could not reveal the challenges some of these banks have been facing in the banking sector.