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Otumfuo is not God - Yvonne Nelson to Okyeame Kwame

By Michael Klugey
Otumfuo is not God - Yvonne Nelson to Okyeame Kwame
Otumfuo is not God - Yvonne Nelson to Okyeame Kwame
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Actress Yvonne Nelson has fired some shots at rapper Okyeame Kwame after he took to social media to wish Otumfuo Nana Osei Tutu II a happy birthday and eulogizing him as "God". 

According to Yvonne Nelson, Otumfuo Nana Osei Tutu II should not be addressed as “God” with a capital 'G' and described that as blasphemy. 

The mother of one also said that rapper Okyeame Kwame should respect “God” the creator and correct his mistake. Her comment quickly sparked a debate.

The two had a back and forth beneath Okyeame Kwame’s post on Instagram via the comments session which attracted fans to share their views on the assertions made by the rapper and actress.

Otumfuo is not God - Yvonne Nelson to Okyeame Kwame

Read their interactions below and tell us what you think.

Sharing a video of Osei Tutu II dancing and explaining his dance moves, Okyeame Kwame wrote:

“Watching the dance carefully, Nana is communicating with his gestures, let me try and explain.

He says the Left and Right is all mine. All things come together because of me, everything is mine.

It was given to me by God, I have dominion on all things because I am a God. I am in God and God is in Me.

Happy Birthday, Otumfuo Osei Tutu Nyame Kese? we wish you a longer life, peace, and prosperity. May Otwediampon Kwame who lives in you multiply your territories. Thank you for showing the African how to live with PRIDE and AUTHORITY. You are ROYAL. Piaaaaaaaw.”

Yvonne replied saying that “Pls correct it!!!! he's not God! With the capital 'G'. There's only one God!”

Reacting to this, the rapper left a comment to the actress saying that he intentionally wrote it as such for a purpose and that further triggered a long debate. “@yvonnenelsongh it is intentionally written like that. The Offspring of a lion is a lion. The child of God is God.”

Ryn Roberts’ mother then argued that anyone who refuses acknowledge there’s only one God with the capital “G” can remain in their ignorance. "I’m sorry bro, go check this one out! That's blasphemy. Anyone who thinks otherwise can decide to stay in their ignorance. We know the true G’ GOD.” She wrote.

The Ghanaian musician coming back with some bible verses to support his opinion wrote: “Sister Yvonne We all experience God differently. None of Us can tell how the next Person should feel and or understand God. God is a part of Us. He is Us. We are Him. U see when I was a kid, I was told that I am Man and God lives in Me. But I have grown up to understand that no. The life in Me is nothing but Gods active force. So I am God and this body lives in Me. It’s not about calling names ( ignorance) it’s about understanding and Perspective. Read Your Bible Well. Psalm John 10:30 [sic].”

“Sister Yvonne because of the presence of God in Man I think it is disrespectful to refer to Man as a Small God (god) because it diminishes the God in Man. I would refer to a River as a small god or a deity as a Small god but Man is a Big God. Pls, ask Yourself Who came up with the concept of Small god and big God? What was their motive? Was it for differentiation or to diminish the Africans Idea of Her greatness? I love Me. I know Me. God lives in Me. [sic]” Okyeame added.

Rapper Trigmatic also came along with his thought, with a comment saying that “Indeed there’s only one God”, this Yvonne replied saying “Bro, I’m smiling. I’m happy we are in this place”

Okyeame Kwame’s last comment to the back and forth was “hmmmm U are right. People don’t understand that nobody should force their religion on others. We all experience God differently. I rest my case [sic]”.



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