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Some laws in Ghana are 'useless' - Kwame Bee

By Michael Klugey
Kwame Bee
Some laws in Ghana are 'useless' - Kwame Bee

Renowned radio and TV personality, Reynold Kwame Empeh, also known as Kwame Bee has described some laws in the country as 'useless'. 

According to the host of Kasapa FM's 'Di Wu Lane Mu' show, it makes absolutely no sense to him why a person found with a single piece of marijuana (weed) will go to jail for 10years.

He questioned the law that criminalizes the smoking of marijuana and called for it to be expunged.

“The fact that we’ll waste time and the country’s money to arrest, prosecute and sentence a person found with a piece of ‘wee’ to ten years imprisonment is senseless. We need to revisit our laws again, not all the laws in this country are sensible, some are really foolish laws. So we have to review the laws and expunge the senseless ones out. You arrest a person holding a small piece of ‘wee’ and jail that person 10 years, what is the sense in that,” Kwame Bee asked?

Kwame Bee joins other media personalities including Managing editor of the Insight Newspaper, Kwesi Pratt, radio host, Blakk Rasta, Abeiku Santana, and Kwame Sefa Kayi who have advocated for the legalization of marijuana, and also wants the government to put up measures in regulating it after the legalisation.

The campaign for the legalization of marijuana has once again been brought to the fore after the Rastafari Council Ghana during its 4th National Conference in Kumasi called for the legalization of marijuana to enable the nation to reap the full-scale economic benefits of trading the banned substance.

The National President of the Rastafari Council, Ahumah Bosco Ocansey posited on how government needs to review the various laws on marijuana to reap the tremendous benefits.

He cited immense medicinal, industrial, economic and recreational benefits from the marijuana trade imploring the setting up of a Commission by President Nana Akuffo-Addo to examine the feasibility of engaging in the trade to realize benefits other nations are enjoying.   

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