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The untimely demise of humorous KABA and the unbeknownst idiosyncratic prophesies

I could not believe my eyes when KABA once took time off from his extremely busy schedule and humbly replied to my message, after complaining that he had deliberately refused to read my messages.

Kumasi Academy to Celebrate 60 Years of Holistic Baptist Education

Deep in the heart of Ashanti Region is a serene space cultivating students since 1957. Equipped with one of the best science laboratories in the country [in that era] and a flourishing greenery,…

Why must NDC expect meat on the rotten bones so soon?

If we revisit memory lane, it was Ex-President Mahama who knowingly claimed that they, (NDC government) had licentiously consumed all the meat on the bone.

People for Sale: African men auctioned as slaves for $400 in Libya

"Eight hundred," says the auctioneer. "900 ... 1,000 ... 1,100 ..." Sold. For 1,200 Libyan dinars -- the equivalent of $800.

MANASSEH'S FOLDER: Akufo-Addo's immoral dance with Jospong

Dear President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo,

Messrs, on what credible achievements are you staging a comeback?

It was not out of the ordinary, when the ten Regional NDC Chairmen blithesomely convened at the Cantonments office of Ex-president Mahama, and blissfully issued a statement which sought to beseech…

Major Mahama Bill; good idea gone bad

We sometimes take for granted the services of our security personnel who work around the clock to keep us safe. It is therefore important to occasionally take time to express our gratitude for their…

If only our Bawumia worked more and talked less

We heard it all on the campaign trail. The Mahama led NDC government was incompetent and corrupt. We were told the ruling NDC functionaries did not read and therefore clueless! We listened with rapt…


Lately, we have all been witnesses to horrifying spectacles of victims of explosions involving petroleum products in some fuel stations and domestic places in different parts of the country.

Kenya Elections: End Of Raila Odinga’s Political Career, And Odingaism?

Raila Odinga will not run again for president unless the Supreme Court demands a presidential election re-run.
business numbers

Know your business numbers

Is money leaking from your business without your knowing?

Africans who boycott polls often fade away

Did NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga commit a political hara-kiri with his decision to boycott the October 26 re-run? The NASA leader may have, as the Japanese say, disembowelled himself…


Even though Defilement is a criminal offence that attracts a minimum sentence of seven and a maximum of 25 years in Ghana’s Criminal Law and the Domestic Violence Act, 2007, some callous men still…

Resources are everywhere: a message for young entrepreneurs

He used other people’s resources and you can do it too. Here is how it all began..

Using indigenous knowledge for better agricultural policies

Agriculture is the backbone of Ghana’s economy with about 80 per cent of total agricultural production attributed to smallholder farmers including women.

Instruction to Ace: ‘Bury the RTI Bill’

Looooong Lege, you be Ogboo. Charle I land ooo, ma landi. From the land of the Nambia creator (aka Donald Trump) all through to the ‘in-it’ of the Queen, I borger come.

The mad man with a sugarcane

I spent this weekend at Elmina in the Central Region, filming for a project that involves the work of fishermen dotted across the coastal areas in this country.
A farmer at work

How to help farmers prepare for climate change

Floods as well as droughts and heatwaves are increasing and will continue to do so in Africa and South Asia. Farmers and governments need to adapt to this changing climate regime. But adaptation…

The Role of Lawyers in an Effective Tax System

The role of taxation in any economy cannot be over-emphasized. Taxation is a major source of revenue used to fund national development and provide public goods in most jurisdictions.

How British colonialism ruined a perfect cup of tea

Recently my colleague Ilan Pappe and I were in Mexico City attending a conference on Palestine.
An educational institution in Ghana

ICT Start-up Ecosystem: The Role of Educational Institutions in Creating Jobs

The government of Ghana is focused on creating jobs for the youth of this country. This is evident in programmes such as “One District, One factory” and “Planting for food and jobs”.