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Samson’s Take: Serving a nation, David Asante, I got it wrong!

There is revived talk about patronising made in Ghana goods. In a conversation with an officer of the Electoral Commission, he disclosed that the Ghana Publishing Company (GPCL) had been given 20% of the ballot printing job for the local government elections on December 17.

Female majority enrolment – University of Ghana shows the way

As one awaited the dawn of this millennium, I recall the numerous unsolicited promises that suddenly invaded our space. The year 2000 and beyond perhaps seemed too far away in our ears and so politicians and other leaders used it to stagnate their social promises.

Alex Mould writes: Ghana needs to reset itself

People are saying that the only reason why persons like you and I want to come into ‘power’ is to enrich ourselves, our friends, and our families. People are saying we are all alike and only have our self-interest at heart.

Elizabeth Ohene writes : Maybe we want them to steal 

I tell a story about a friend of mine who became a First Lady. I am not sure I should mention her name, so, let’s say she was a First Lady in an African country. A week after the inauguration ceremony at which she became First Lady, she went to her village to have a meeting with the group of women she had been helping for much of her life.

Elizabeth Ohene writes : Celebrating the return

I stopped worrying long ago about whether you can celebrate the anniversary of an unpleasant event or not. I no longer even agonise about whether I mark or celebrate an anniversary. Everything becomes a celebration in the end.

Nduom writes: The wrong we did? Our story

In 1997, we set out to invest and develop “the People’s Bank”. After nine years of planning, preparation and interactions with the Bank of Ghana, First National Savings & Loans Company Limited was granted a license to open for business in May 2006.

Elizabeth Ohene writes : I see the back story

It might well be my age, but I realise that quite often what I see in some of these videos that the media people unleash on us is different from what they are meant to show.

‘Jail our husbands first’ – Wives react

You see a male fowl? (I don’t want to mention its real name so that you start insulting me). When a male cock, ooo, sorry a male chicken wants to have fun with ‘his wife’, he doesn’t just go like that; he finds a very sexy way of opening one wing in a stylish fashion and then approaches the hen like a car that has lost alignment.

Will Nana Addo run in 2020?

News bulletins on radio these past few months have become a litany of woes filled with cacophonous voices of protest.

Samson's Take: Hope to Interns; uninspiring law enforcement chief

I went to Legon in 1999 desiring to become a lawyer, ultimately. I left Legon with this dream though undergraduate law was halted about this time. But my Literature-in-English teacher, Seidu, advised it would be great to start the journey picking courses in the humanities including Classics and English.

MANASSEH’S FOLDER: The Wesley Girls’ headmistress and the interns debate

I did not have an appointment. And my name did not ring a bell. I did not have the fame that would open doors on an impromptu visit. All I had was an idea. And wavering confidence, the kind of confidence that would not impress the most sympathetic panel of job interviewers. But I sat in a bus and headed for Cape Coast. To Wesley Girls’ Senior High School.