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Death penalty scrapped: Analysis

On July 25, Ghana’s parliament took a significant step by voting to abolish the death penalty. This move makes Ghana the 29th African country and the 124th country worldwide to put an end to capital punishment. Despite not carrying out any executions since 1993, there were 176 individuals still on death row as of the previous year, as reported by the Ghana Prisons Service.

I for lef Ghana: the case of evaporating patriotism

Patriotism has left the blood streams of Ghanaians. Everyday on social media, at least five people on my feed type the words ‘I for lef Ghana’ (pidgin for I have to leave Ghana), simply because they don’t see a promising future here. There is very little to believe in, to hope for, to be proud of.

Elizabeth Ohene: My first duty trip for focus

Having started it, I must continue my BBC Focus on Africa story. One of the most interesting phenomena I met at the BBC was the “Duty Trip”. Up until I got to the BBC, I knew, as a journalist, about being sent on a reporting trip, be it inside or outside the country, when a sudden news event had broken out or to a planned event like a conference or election.

Business survival amidst tax measures: Some strategic considerations

Recently, the Government of Ghana rolled out a number of tax measures as part of efforts to raise additional revenue for public expenditure financing and to reduce the country's debt situation to a sustainable level as part of conditionalities for the extended credit facility agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Financial inclusion 2.0 : The role of Fintech innovations

According to the Official Ghana Demand Side Survey 2021, Ghana has achieved its financial access target of 85% set by the National Financial Inclusion and Development Strategy 2018 - 2023 ahead of the end of the target year – 2023.

Seidu Agongo writes: Is social media your enabler or destroyer?

On May 15, 2023, when a boisterous crowd of Nigerians on and off social media were urging their own Hilda Baci on to set a new record as the longest non-stop cook in the world, Ghanaians were realising that one of their social media influencers, Mona Faiz Montrage, has been charged in the United States of America for allegedly using the same Internet to dupe people.