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'Five levels of anger' by Lawrence Darmani

How do you explain why two people—let’s say a man and his wife—who start a chat over a simple matter, soon get so worked up that the husband pulls a gun from a bedroom drawer and shoots his beloved dead?

Nigeria's illegal oil refineries: Dirty, dangerous, lucrative

The deaths of more than 100 people following an explosion at an illegal oil refinery in southern Nigeria has thrown a spotlight on the lucrative world of illicit refining, which the BBC's Mayeni Jones and Josephine Casserly have been investigating.

'New mindset, way to go after Easter' by Kobby Asmah

For many holiday revellers, Easter is a period to wind down and make merry. In fact, for the five days of the period beginning from Holy Thursday to Easter Monday, a cocktail of activities take place across the country, especially at Kwahu in the Eastern Region and many parts of the Volta Region.

'The new normal is the normal' by Elizabeth Ohene

Suddenly, I find I am hesitating at doing what should be normal, regular and instinctive. Last Saturday, I went to visit Sena and Akua, my favourite nephew and niece who had been away in boarding school and I hadn’t seen for quite a while.

'A friend for a lifetime' by Ellen Mimi Owusu

On the 1st of January every year my phone is always flooded with happy new year text messages from friends. I believe you also do receive tons of such messages! Some of these messages are from friends that I rarely talk to.

'Post Valentine: Are we expecting baby boom?' by Anny Osabutey

Back in the early 1990s in Newtown, a port city in Tema, where I lived with my late mom and younger sister in a compound house, we had a neighbour, a seaman, and his two wives. He was also rumoured to have other “love interests” outside of the compound.