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The emerging sustainability questions: How businesses should respond


Businesses are born from the hopes and dreams of their founders. Practical experience, however, has shown that businesses live and die among others by their ability to adapt to changing trends – in the consumer, economic, social, and governmental landscape, etc. A good example is how the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic exposed several weaknesses in the supposed ironclad foundations of most businesses while opening new opportunities and avenues rooted in emerging ways of work and life.

How do you undress a naked man?

Going to the International Monetary Fund(IMF) once or twice is not a mark of failure. It is another matter, however, when you go there 17 times! Seeing what we have done with all the loans and our natural resources, there are some who still think we gained independence too soon.

Tax planning for businesses: Why it must be a priority


Tax constitutes by far the most secure, convenient, and reliable means by which governments around the world raise money to finance public expenditures. And for centuries, governments have relied on tax revenues to finance expenditure items such as the payment of public sector compensation, healthcare, security, roads, education, and the provision of social programs.

Top 10 Fintech and innovation trends to watch in 2023


The Financial Technology (Fintech) industry has seen meteoric growth over the last two years in Ghana. In line with global trends, innovations democratizing traditional financial services on the back of technological advances continue to improve and automate financial service delivery, drive financial inclusion, and promote the delivery of varied new financial products and services.

The royal tragedy at the heart of ‘Spare’

Maybe “Megxit” was never about Meghan Markle. Maybe it was always driven by Prince Harry, who, in his American wife, found the much-needed catalyst to leave a family where he could never outrun the feeling of being second-best. The spare as opposed to the heir.

2023 to-do list for startups and SMEs


As the year 2022 came to a turbulent end globally, 2023 started on the same and/or even higher note – and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned of a global recession hitting more than one-third of the world’s economy in 2023 amidst tougher economic times.

The wife who was executed for her lover’s crime

On 9 January 1923 Edith Thompson and her lover Frederick Bywaters were executed for the murder of her husband, even though there was no evidence she knew he would be stabbed. Why was she convicted, and how does the case still resonate a century later?

Elizabeth Ohene: Only lawyers will understand

I am not sure I can work out why law has become such a sought-after profession. Young people, old people, half of the public service, it looks like everybody wants to become a lawyer.

Meme culture and content creation: Drawing the intellectual property line


The digital economy has given rise to the enormous growth of social media in almost every sphere of our lives driven by online humor and sarcasm – particularly in the use of memes. The rise in the use of memes is lauded as a worldwide sensation and global phenomenon which has swept every corner of our digital space and content creation over the past decade.

Ghana Airports Company, please bring back the airport romance!

Following my ordeal of having to stand for more than two excruciatingly tiring hours at the Departure Hall of the Kotoka International Airport last Monday evening, waiting for a flight departure, I have some questions for the airport authorities:
Ghana Airports Company Limited (GACL), why does it seem that you want to discourage people from visiting the airport, particularly seeing passengers off?

Wizkid's "no show": The legal implications for events management


It is Christmas and as usual, Accra is once again a tourist haven and holiday destination for resident Ghanaians, diasporans and other foreigners. On one hand, there is the joy at the plethora of shows and events whose eye-popping billboards are all over town.

Anny Osabutey writes: Of haircuts and baldies

The past few weeks have been such a difficult one for baldies in this country, thanks to government’s decision to subscribe to a haircut. It is almost like bald people are living in an era of Armageddon.

Indonesia's new sex laws and what they could mean for tourism

Tourism operators in Indonesia are still trying to recover from the devastating impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. Now the country's parliament has passed new laws that some fear could turn tourists away once again - because having sex out of wedlock is set to be outlawed.

How players dribble around Ghana's nationality laws

In our series of letters from African journalists, Elizabeth Ohene considers why Ghana's nationality laws do not extend to the country's football team, the Black Stars, who are playing at the World Cup in Qatar.