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Elizabeth Ohene writes : Trying to please two masters

I am following the uproar generated by the special audit on the GETFund with a lot of interest. No prizes for guessing the source of my interest. I served for six years as a Minister of State at the Ministry of Education, and the GETFund was therefore very much part of my daily life during the period.

A new church?

Why do you attend the church that you attend? That's hardly an earth-shattering question, is it? But seriously, why?

Opinion: Very sad news from Legon

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the core function of every university is to solve problems and advance the frontiers of knowledge.

We must not allow bad behaviour to defeat the purpose of Free SHS

If you are a parent, the past couple of weeks must have given you a chill down the spine. Courtesy of social media, we have seen some of our children in secondary schools engage in behaviour so reprehensible that it is scarcely appropriate to recount.

Joyce Bawa writes on Airbus scandal

For all the hue and cry, my point has been simple in the matter of the Approved Judgement by the UK Crown Court in the case of the SFO versus Airbus: no bribes or kickbacks were paid to any Ghanaian officials.

Elizabeth Ohene writes, Looking back on 75 years

Last Friday, I became part of an interesting statistic when I turned 75. According to the breakdown of the national population figures of 2018, people my age and above constitute less than two per cent of Ghanaians.

JM, Central Region again?

Shock and disappointment greeted an announcement on Asempa FM, last week, that the Presidential Candidate of the NDC, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama, has once again selected a running mate from the Central Region, to partner him for the 2020 presidential elections.

Ruddy Kwakye, the star around Afro Nation Ghana!

This will be the first piece you will be reading from me in this first issue of the Graphic Showbiz in the Year of our Lord 2020 as such I want to make the experience worth your time.

‘Crossover doom prophecies’ and the law

All too soon 2019 draws to an end. It has been an eventful year with lots of news headlines. Notable among them are; the suspension of PDS licence, retrieval of body parts believed to be the remains of the 3 kidnapped Takoradi girls, the kidnap and swift rescue of 2 Canadian girls, the abolishment of the luxury vehicle tax, the introduction of 100 and 200 cedis banknotes by the Bank of Ghana, the promotion of ‘Ghana Rice’ and the withdrawal of a scheduled referendum.

When is strike legal under the Labour Act 2003, Act (651)?

Section 174 of the Labour Act 2003, (Act 651) defines strike as “any action by two or more workers in concert which is intended by them to restrict in anyway the service they normally provide to the employer or diminish the output of such service with a view to applying coercive pressure upon the employer and includes sympathy strike and those activities commonly called work-to-work, a go slow or sit down strike”.

Rogue Branding – Case study of the Shatta Wale Brand


A social media post from a friend got me thinking. Do brands have to be consistent to enjoy a high degree of equity? Do brands even have to be so fixated on doing the right things all the time to engineer loyalty? Must brands conform to the ideals of society to be successful?