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'The law students aren't dumb!' by Manasseh Azure 

By Manasseh Azure
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The law students aren't dumb. But every year, we're made to believe they are, and that's why they "fail" in their numbers when they sit the entrance exams to enter the Ghana School of Law.

There isn't enough space at the Ghana School of Law to accommodate all those who want to pursue the professional course. It's just like medical school. So a system has been developed to rank and keep some out.

To tag those who have been denied entry as having failed isn't accurate. If someone has studied and passed all their papers at the University of Ghana Law School, for instance, the entrance examination cannot be a better assessment of their intelligence and their ability to study and become a lawyer.

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Many of those who are denied admission and called failures often go outside of the country to study what they would have studied at the Ghana School of Law.

They then come back to pay heavily and write examinations at the Ghana School of Law and are called to the bar in Ghana.

Those who don't have the resources to take this long and expensive detour will have their dreams of becoming lawyers killed.

Let's create the opportunity for people to achieve their dreams and stop creating the impression that they're dumb.
Chemistry koraa amanfuo paase na law.