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Welcome to Naa Shika's Courtside Moment

By PrimeNewsGhana
Naa Shika
Naa Shika
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#CourtsideMoments are my musings on tennis, life and how tennis makes life better. It’s a blog I have been planning to start for a while, but I always seemed not to be able to make time for it.

But since the COVID pandemic hit us, I have had more time on my hands to reflect and put my thoughts together.

My primary reason for starting this blog is to create awareness about tennis and the immense benefits people stand to gain by playing it. It breaks my heart that this wonderful sport is not a mainstream event in Ghana. There are so many opportunities from health to travel to networking that are available for people who play tennis. My life is great example of how tennis can turn a local talent into a world class athlete. You can have the same opportunity too!

This blog will share my everyday tennis experiences, stories from my tennis Foundation (Ace Tennis Academy) and my opinions on how tennis can be integrated into mainstream sporting events in Ghana. I also have a special passion to introduce tennis to adolescent girls since it helps build their fitness, sharpness and gives them confidence during a period where they are most likely to be insecure about their bodies.

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I promise you this will be a fun ride filled with beautiful memories, challenging personal moments, hard-fought victories, and advocacy on making tennis in Ghana bigger and better.

Kindly follow me on Instagram at @nash_adu to get all my latest updates and check in here every Monday for my newest blogpost.
Until then, stay safe, stay healthy and go #GetARacket.

Naa Shika is a Ghanaian professional tennis player with [numerous medals] from national competitions and international tournaments. She was recognised as Sports Woman of the Year 2018 at the University of Ghana Vice Chancellor’s Awards Ceremony
She is the founder of Ace Tennis Foundation in Ghana and presently serves on the Gender, Equality and Equity Committee of the Ghana Tennis Federation.