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#2019NSMQ : Persco to face Geyhey ,Tepa in Semis

By Wendy Amarteifio
#2019NSMQ : Persco to face Geyhey ,Tepa in Semis

St Peters Senior High School (Persco) will face Geyhey and Tepa SHS in the Semifinals of the 2019 National Science and Maths quiz.

Persco smashed its competiting schools TI AMASS and Kpando SHS to progress to Semi finals.

Throughout the contest, Persco led with amazing points by answering questions swiftly and correctly.

The others, T.I AMASS and Kpando SHS tried to hit high scores but could not succeed Persco. Persco survived the first round with 31pts,T. I AMASS 28pts and Kpando SHS, 13pts.

Still tough for TI AMASS and Kpando in the speed race contest, Persco floored them by scoring 44pts, T. I AMASS 26pts and Kpando SHS with 14pts.

Progressing to the contest, Problem of the Day was next. This stage did not favour competing schools as the scored as low as 2pts. T.I AMASS won this contest with 4pts followed by St. Peter's SHS with 3pts and Kpando SHS, 2pts.

The fourth round was a tough one Persco and TI AMASS struggled for the first position. Fortunately for Persco, they scored 54pts,T.I AMASS 46pts and Kpando SHS 17pts.

In the final round, Persco smashed its competitors and made headway for semis. Persco 54pts, T.I AMASS 49pts and Kpando SHS: 17pts

TI AMASS's mood after end of the contest