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Accra-Tema shuttle services : GRDA halts operations

By Wendy Amarteifio
Accra-Tema shuttle services : GRDA halts operations

The Ghana Railway Development Authority, GRDA has halted its operations of the Accra-Tema shuttle services after an accident which has caused a major fear amongst passengers.

On Tuesday, May 14, 2019, passengers of the evening shuttle train between Accra and Tema had a scare of their lives when the train started receding at Airport halt after alighting some passengers.

According to a passenger, the train which had near 150 passengers, was receding at a fast speed and the handlers appeared to have lost control of the coach.

Speaking to Starr FM, a passenger, Kwabena Acheampong said the coach was receding at a fast speed.

 ''The passengers at where the train receded were running for safety to the other side of the train. Along the way, the train smashed a car off the way whilst we stood at Achimota for 20 minutes. I had to take a taxi home because it was scary. None of the officials could say a word to us, the passengers''.

Meanwhile, the accident has led to the halt in operations of the shuttle services.

The deputy managing director of the Ghana Railway Development Authority, Dr Michael Adjei speaking to Starr FM attributed the accident to a mechanical fault

''It was a mechanical failure, it's not a human error, it happens sometimes. We apologize to the general public for this incident and we are doing all we can to make sure we resume services soon, hopefully, tomorrow''.

He also urged the passengers that such things will not happen again and that their safety is assured.

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