Ahmadiyya Peace Conference: Lack of justice, cause of global unrest - Dr Ayaz

By Clement Edward Kumsah
Ahmadiyya Peace Conference: Sir Dr Iftikar Ahmad Ayaz
Consul General of Tuvalu in London, Sir Dr Iftikar Ahmad Ayaz

Ahmadiyya Peace Conference - Consul General of Tuvalu in London, Sir Dr Iftikar Ahmad Ayaz has attributed the unrest and wars in the world currently to lack of justice found at every level of society.

According to him, if Islam was practised in its pure and pristine form, with absolute justice as a cardinal component as demonstrated by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, It could be a catalyst in achieving the twin goals of global peace and justice.

Addressing attendees at the Ahmadiyya Peace Conference which was aimed to promote a deeper understanding of the teachings of Islam in relation to peace and inspire concerted efforts towards lasting global peace held in Accra on the theme "Peace and Global Justice", Dr Ayaz said Africa's progress would depend on development that truly lifted everyone from poverty to prosperity "The continent's progress would depend on the prevalence of social and economic justice for all" he noted

Sir Dr Iftikar Ahmad Ayaz who is also a human rights campaigner, said the achievement of global peace and justice was based on its direct correlation with the establishment of a peaceful society, eradication of poverty, promotion of democratic governance, morality and true universal brotherhood.

Touching on lack of peace in some developing countries, Dr Ayaz regrettably stated that some leaders have exhibited a notorious ethic of self-aggrandizement and self-perpetuation in power.

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