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Cancel teacher promotion exams to save your image - Africa Edu. Watch tells GES

By Wendy Amarteifio
teachers promotional exams
Director-General of the GES, Prof. Kwasi Opoku-Amankwa
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The African Education Watch is calling for the cancellation of the teachers' promotion examination conducted on February 20 and 21 2020 following the alleged leakage of the examination questions.

According to the group, the leakage has compromised the integrity of the promotional system and as a result, the examination must be cancelled and rewritten. 

Speaking on Starr FM today, the Executive Director of Africa Watch Kofi Asare said the GES must re-conduct another promotional test that has the credibility to save their image.

''Our concern is that first of all the GES is the biggest public institution in Ghana and it is striving for excellence and one of its mantra is to have a highly professional teaching service. Now if you want to high professional teaching service you need to make sure your promotional system are of integrity. The current situation where teacher promotional exams leak 48 hours prior to the examination cannot have integrity. So, the GES has to cancel the exams and rewrite it to save its own image and enhance the professional image of teachers and also the integrity of services of the promotional system''.

African Education Watch also called on the Ministry of Education to investigate the circumstances leading to the wide public leakage of the tests conducted by the Institute of Education Planning and Administration of the UCC, for the GES and make its findings public.

The Education Service announced the first-ever aptitude test for staff promotion which was to replace the hitherto face-to-face interview sessions that were fraught with multiple challenges.

The Director-General of the GES, Prof. Kwasi Opoku-Amankwa, in an earlier interview said the new promotion process was being introduced to ensure that the about 35,000 GES staff applied for promotion every year went through the process fairly, transparently and based on competence.

February 20-21 were dates scheduled for the promotion aptitude test of qualified staff of the Ghana Education Service (GES).
GES staff participated in the two-day promotion test at 48 centres throughout the country.

But it emerged from media reports that questions for the examinations set by the Ghana Education Service (GES) as well as the answers for promotion of teachers leaked hours to the examinations.

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