Chinese 'Rosewood queen' reappears after going missing

By Mutala Yakubu
Chinese ' Rosewood queen' reappears after going missing
Chinese ' Rosewood queen' reappears after going missing

Chinese woman Helena Huang who was arrested for attempting to smuggle four containers of rosewood outside the country has reappeared after going missing.

The man who stood surety for the Chinese woman Mohammed Bondirigbum, on Tuesday, 25 June 2019 produced the suspect in court.

The Northern regional police command arrested Helena Huang, 43, for illegally transporting rosewood from the area but disappeared after she was granted bail.

Mr Bondirigbum who stood surety for her was arrested after she jumped bail.

He was then directed by the court to produce the accused person and after several attempts Helena Huang as appeared.

After his acquittal by the Tamale Circuit court, he told journalists that: “Immediately she was released from the police cell, she ran out of the country but I managed to get some people to support me and then I prayed to my God, too. Yesterday morning, she arrived in Tamale but she refused to disclose where she was staying”.

Mr Bondirigbum further stated that he has learnt a big lesson from the incident and would never again stand surety for any suspect.

"A very big lesson in my lifetime", he said, adding: "Apart from my wife, I will never bail anybody from the police or from the court".

Ms Huang has been handed over to immigration officers for further investigation.