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Don't allow yourself to be politically manipulated - Group to NCA

By Wendy Amarteifio
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Closure of radio stations : Don't allow yourselves to be politically manipulated- Group to NCA

A pressure group, Free Media Vanguard has urged the National Communications Authority, NCA to desist from political manipulation in discharging their duties.

This follows the shut down by two major pro-opposition stations, Radio Gold and Radio XYZ. These stations were the first set to be closed down for breaching Electronic Communications Regulations.

The NCA on its part is embarking on a four-week operation to shut down radio stations that are operating without authorization.

The closure of the two radio stations has sparked criticisms that resulted in the formation of the Free Media Vanguard.

The group hit the streets on Accra today May 21, 2019, to protest what it describes as the NCA’s action as an abuse of its powers and suppression of press freedom.

Reports indicate that the group mobilized hundreds of people unto the streets today unto the streets of Accra to protest against attacks on Journalists. They started at the Elwak sports stadium in Accra to the office of the NCA.

Addressing the media at the demonstration, convener of the group, Prince Minkah said institutions, which comprises of the NCA should not allow itself to be used and manipulated by the political authority

''Today, we journalists of the Republic of Ghana are standing to be counted. We are looking in the eyes of institutions that are mandated to ensure that we enjoy the media freedom in this country. We are looking at them in the eyeball and telling them that they should not allow themselves to be used and manipulated by the political authority. We are worried about the suppression of media freedom in this country''.

Again, the convener said the Free Media Vanguard has given the National Communications Authority, a one-week ultimatum to reopen closed radio stations in the country.

'' We are giving them a week to open radio XYZ and Radio Gold if they don't we will continue to mount the pressure until they do the right thing''.

The group also petitioned the NCA to restore broadcasting rights of all radio stations

''We are worried about the Ahmed Suale's story, we are worried about the Manasseh Azure story, we are worried about the Edward Adeti story, we are worried about the Wisdom Hededzome story. We are petitioning your outfit to restore the broadcasting rights of all radio stations'', he added.

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