Coronavirus: Ghanaian students in China suspend evacuation plans after getting help

By Mutala Yakubu

Ghanaian students in the Wuhan a city in China have now gotten help after earlier requesting evacuation back to Ghana due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Over a hundred Ghanaian students studying in the Chinese city of Wuhan where the deadly coronavirus first broke asked the Ghana government to transport them to Ghana because they had run out food and were stuck indoors.

Several shops in Wuhan is said to have been closed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

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But Samson Opoku who is the Wuhan chapter's President of Ghanaian student says Ghana's ambassador to China Edward Boateng has come to their aid.

"We had concerns and spoke to the ambassador and his team came to our aid , they have provided those who were short on foodstuff and we are now good for now. So our request to be evacuated back to Ghana. We can assure our families back home that we are safe for now. The Ghanaian authorities have come up with various means of transportation so we can now move out. We just hope this ends so we go back to our normal lives."

The death toll from the new coronavirus now stands at 106, as cases of new infections have almost doubled in a day, Chinese authorities said.

Travel restrictions have been tightened and wearing masks in public is now mandatory in some cities.

The city of Wuhan is at the epicentre of the outbreak but it has spread across China and internationally.

Ever since the disease surfaced in China, many countries are on the alert to ensure it does not find its way to their setting.

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Health officials in Ghana have tightened surveillance at our borders and also at the airport with a particular focus on Chinese returnees.