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Group appeals to government to increase NSS allowance

By Mutala Yakubu
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A group, calling itself Concerned National Service Personnel wants the government and the National Service Secretariat (NSS) to increase their monthly allowance.

The National Service Personnel allowance is currently GH¢559 and they want it increased.

The group argues that the rising cost of living has made it difficult for them to depend on the allowance even for their basic needs.

They further explain that they usually run out of cash before the month ends and borrow from others to be able to transport themselves to their places of work.

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Barimah Amoako Elijah, leader of the group says although they cannot dictate a particular amount they want their allowance adjusted to, they want the government to consider their petition and act in their favour.

“Since we are in a situation where because of the COVID-19, more businesses have collapsed, fuel prices have increased and cost of living has increased. Averagely, service personnel spend about GH¢25 so you can imagine, 30 days will accumulate to over GH¢600, and we taking GHS559 gives us a negative balance. Sometimes we have to borrow to get money to go to work so the President should do something about it for us. We can’t give any specific amount, but we want them to increase it,” he said.

In Ghana, all graduates of tertiary institutions are mandated by law to complete a year’s mandatory service at various institutions across the country.

The last time personnel witnessed an increase in their allowance was in April 2017.

he allowance was increased from GH¢350.00 a month to GH¢559.04 a month.