Mental health of Menzgold customers at risk-Psychologist

By Wendy Amarteifio
Mental health of Menzgold customers at risk-Psychologist

A Social psychologist Dr Raphia Clinton has said that the unfolding Menzgold crisis could have serious implications on the mental health of their customers.

He said the situation at hand will need the intervention of MezGold itself and the state in other to calm the nerves of the customer.

“This is because if we leave it alone to Menzgold and the individual, it is not going be healthy country.”

He added that the level of frustration and sleepless nights that come alongside with issues in relation to money and plans can lead to mental crisis.

“Whenever people are frustrated wither appropriately or wrongly through their own fault or someone, they will do anything possible to get what they want.” he said.

He said in cases like this, people need psychological support and emotional support.

Dr Clinton added that some of these customers have their own goal of getting money monthly, but when the frustration begins, they may forget themselves and start throwing threats and plots on how to retrieve what belongs to theme.

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Since is a burden, he said some people are going to have sleepless nights, others are going to be stress out and if they don’t get help depending on their nature and their personality, some people might even go through depression.

He therefore appeals to the state to intervene and not leave the crisis in the Menzgold and individuals to avoid mental issues.

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