Samira ‘interprets’ Dr Bawumia’s comment on borrowing

By Clement Edward Kumsah

Samira Bawumia has refuted claims that her husband, Vice-President of Ghana, Dr Bawumia’s then in opposition promised never to borrow in government.

During the 2016 electioneering campaign, then running mate of the then opposition NPP, Dr Bawumia was reported to have said there is no need for government to borrow because almost all resources are in Ghana.

Meanwhile, Dr. Bawumia speaking at a two-day National Policy Summit on Trade and Industry in August 2017, said the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) will continue the trajectory of borrowing to help grow the Ghanaian economy but will do that responsibly and not recklessly.

The Minority in Parliament took a swipe at Dr. Bawumia’s ‘new appetite for borrowing’ describing it as shameful because he criticized the Mahama government for same reasons.

However, speaking in an interview with Accra based Citi FM, 2nd lady of Ghana Samira Bawumia said her husband Dr Bawumia was mischievously and wrongly misquoted.

In her attempt to set the records straight, Samira Bawumia said: “He [Bawumia] is being mischievously misquoted or taking out of context. He never said do not borrow, never did he say do not borrow. What he said was responsible borrowing and borrowing that is sustainable, so, it is in those contexts … That was his position.

“It’s about responsible borrowing and in a sustainable way. We are paying for debt and we were borrowing at rates that were not the best, so, it was the issue relating to the borrowing, it’s not the borrowing itself, but issues relating to the borrowing that he was addressing and how sustainable it was in terms of the rate at which we were growing and how we were going to repay those debts…”

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