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UW: Farms submerge in lowland areas

By Kweku Antwi Jnr

Some farms in the Jirapa and Nandom Districts of the Upper West Region have been submerged after a heavy downpour on Thursday and Friday.

Despite a sensitization exercises in flood prone communities over high volumes of flood waters this year, the farmers went ahead to plant in these areas.

They told PrimeNewsGhana that they do not have any land to farm apart from the flood-prone areas.

Some farmlands in the Jirapa and Nandom Districts have badly been affected by flood waters following a heavy downpour in the areas.

The Ghana Meteorological Agency anticipated more floods and storm this year and has, therefore, warned farmers and residents in flood prone communities.

The National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) and the District Assemblies have been sensitizing residents against the dangers of the anticipated weather forecast.

But some farmers in the Jirapa and Nandom Districts defy the directive and went ahead to plant in the lowland areas. As a result, many of such farms have been submerged after a heavy downpour.

Kul-ora in the Jirapa District is part of the badly affected communities.

Deputy Chief Fire Officer for Director of Operations at the Ghana National Fire Service at the Headquarters, Kwaku Manu Affoul, was tasked to visit all flood-prone districts in the 3 Northern Regions as a National Security issue to find out how prepared the people are towards the anticipated flood.

Addressing the media at the scene, the DCFO Manu Affoul said the farmers see the valley as a more fertile land for farming that was why they defy the warnings and went ahead to plant there.

Upper West Regional Director of the (NADMO, Isaac Seidu said they have done a lot of sensitization exercises about the eminent floods and said he is surprise about the lost of peoples investments.

Some affected farmers told PrimeNewsGhana that they do not have any land to farm apart from the flood prone areas and therefore, called on the government for support.

The Jirapa Municipal Chief Executive, Madam Christine Bonbanye Amadu in an interview appealed for support for the affected farmers.

She suggested the construction of waterways to allow farming as the people do not have anywhere to farm.

In the Nandom District, several farmlands have also been affected by the flood.

The Nandom District Chief Executive, Aasoglenang Tadius said there are about 46 flood-prone communities in the area; therefore, there is the need to have a multifaceted approach to the problem.

Meanwhile NADMO is yet to ascertain the level of destruction by the flood.

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