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Victims of Covid-19 should make themselves known to others - Health Expert advises

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
Dr Titus Beyou
Dr Titus Beyou
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A health expert is advising victims of the Covid-19 case confirmed in Ghana to make themselves known to others.

According to Dr Titus Beyou, Deputy General Secretary and Member of Infectious Diseases Committee of the Ghana Medical Association, this action by the victims will greatly help self-reporting and contact tracing.

Speaking on Joy FM, Dr Titus Beyou explained that making the individuals known will help but because of the confidentiality clause of the health work it will be advisable for the people to make themselves known because authorities cannot do that now.

Citing other jurisdiction to back his call, Dr Titus Beyou said personal statements were issued by some individuals in Europe telling the public about them testing positive and these will help self-reporting by the people they came in contact with.

"When we make the people known to the people who they came in contact with they can self-report so that if the victims are not disclosing them they can self-report, there are critical issues when it comes to confidentiality and in cases where diplomats are involved then it becomes more difficult because you must be careful about your diplomatic relationship..."

He stated that most health facilities in the country are hugely in debt, therefore, the NHIS should pay them so they can help deal with the pandemic.

"All our government facilities are in debt from the National Health Insurance, are we going to have these 100 million dollars going to these facilities for them to be able to take initiative? if we want a systemic solution to this NHIS should pay facilities.."

"The information should be more rapid but I think as we delve down regional and district level we can not rely on a few treatment centres and as it stands now looks like our preparation is very helpful for mild cases when we get to the severe level when people need ventilators we are not ready.."