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Madam High Heel: Video of alleged high school ghost pops up

By PrimeNewsGhana
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Surveillance footage capturing a "ghost" terrorizing the halls of a school in Ireland is going viral online.

The clip, taken by security cameras in one of the hallways at Deerpark C.B.S high school, was posted to the school's YouTube page earlier last week and has already garnered over five million views.

The footage shows a series of unexplained events from a set of lockers appearing to violently shake with no visible force moving them, to notebooks flying across the halls and a wet floor sign being completely destroyed by no one in sight.

According to reports, the spooky footage was conveniently captured at 3 a.m. -- what is oddly enough known as the "witching hour."

"If it’s a prank we don’t know how it was done. Motion sensors were set off at this time, that’s how it was caught," the school's principal, Aaron Wolfe, told UNILAD.

And Wolfe said this isn't the first time something creepy has happened at the school, which is apparently the oldest school in the city at nearly 200 years old, according to the school website.

"Our caretaker has worked in the school for over 30 years he recalls many stories of ‘paranormal activity,'" Wolfe explained.

"For example, on one occasion the school was hosting an exotic bird show, and the birds arrived the day before, because the organizers were worried that someone might break in and steal the birds, someone had to stay overnight. That person left the school in the middle of the night – they refused to stay any longer as they said that they heard ‘the last call’ being played on a trumpet – of course this could have just been the wind."

As if kids didn't already have reasons for playing hooky.

Credit: AOL