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10 Ghanaian foods to serve your guests this Easter

By Jennifer Kim Essel
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Food, in fact, Ghanaian foods have the magical ability to bring friends, families and even strangers together to share in the bond of deliciousness. The Easter holidays are fast approaching and food remains the constant in all gatherings.

Check out these 10 Ghanaian foods to serve your guests this Easter:

1. Fufu and Palmnut Soup

Fufu, a well-known Ghanaian food made from pounded Cassava and Plantain matches squarely with Palmnut soup, made from Palm fruits. Palm nut soup is best served with snails, crabs, and dry fish, and is very high in nutritional value. You are sure to win your guests over with this heavy and delicious meal.

fufu and palmnut soup

2. Bean stew with fried ripe plantain

Bean Stew accompanied with fried ripe plantain is one Ghanaian food to die for. It is also very simple to prepare and does not require too much energy. Try serving your guests with this meal and thank me later.

plantain with beans


3. Plantain with Kontomire Sauce

This combination is just perfect for the holidays. Plantain and kontomire sauce is one of the purely local Ghanaian foods you can find with "kobi" and maybe avocado pear. 

plantain with palava sauce

4. Jollof Rice

You don't need much to be convinced that Jollof rice must be served to your guests this Easter. Jollof Rice is a world-acclaimed Ghanaian food which will leave your Easter guests wishing for more.


5. Banku with Grilled Tilapia

Banku with grilled tilapia will switch the mood of your guests from grumpy to plain delight.

banku and tilapia

6. Aprapransa

This is a unique Ghanaian food which is prepared only on special occasions such as Easter.


7. Boiled yam with egg sauce

A dish of boiled yam with egg sauce will do the trick of bringing smiles to your guests' faces this Easter

yam with egg stew

8. Rice balls with Groundnut Soup

Rice balls or Omotuo as we affectionately call it, are basically softened rice traditionally shaped into balls. They can be with almost all Ghanaian soups, however, the best combination would be rice balls with groundnut soup.

emotuo with groundnut soup

9. Eto

Eto is a Ghanaian food made from boiled and mashed plantain, yam or cocoyam. It is usually garnished with eggs and groundnut.


10. Kokonte with Palmnut soup

Kokonte popularly known in Ghana as 'face-the-wall' will be a delight to your guests this Easter.

konkonte with palmnut soup



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