10 Golden rules of a successful manager

By Michael Klugey
Golden rules of a successful manager
Golden rules of a successful manager

Successful management is a combination of team building, delegating at the right time, and ensuring job satisfaction of your employees. 

Are you in a Manager position? Would you like to lead a team? Set yourself apart and become an awesome Manager with these 10 golden rules.

1: Set clear goals and expectations
    What, when, where, and why

“Make more sales” is ambiguous. You need to be clear and well-defined, like “increase sales from one month to another by 10% compared to the last month”.



2: Be approachable
    Have an open door policy

Keep channels open and encourage your team to talk to you when there’s an issue.


3: Build positive work relations
    Maintain a good rapport

Embrace your role as a leader by providing a friendly, positive and inspiring environment

4: Be available
    Provide support when needed

Guide employees when they are stuck and provide support, to help them learn and grow.


5: Encourage opinions & ideas
    Create a culture of innovation

Motivate employees to share ideas and involve them in decision-making processes, leading to both the company’s and their own personal growth.

6: Acknowledge good work
    Recognition is the key to motivation

Be it a simple ‘thank you’ note or an extensive email acknowledging good work, appreciating employees for a job well done is important.


7: Help people enjoy work
    Make workdays enjoyable

You don’t need a dedicated day like “Freaky Friday” to make this happen. Simple surprises like an appreciation email or a casual conversation can go a long way.

8: Communicate effectively
    Engage better

Cultivate positive workplace situations and foster healthy interpersonal relations


9: Remain transparent
    Your key to building trust

Trust and transparency go hand in hand. Teams function better when their leader is transparent about both the pros and cons of situations


10: Be an Example
      An archetype of a Manager

“Do as I say, not as I do” doesn’t work! Lead by example by being a positive role model in all situations.



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