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4 ways to spice up the holiday season at home

By Primenewsghana
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With a little additional work and starting with the correct theme, the festivities at home this year may get exciting. Try these creative ideas to add a personal touch to the celebration.

1. Host Christmas family trivia

Get to know the faces around the table even better with a rousing game of family trivia. Have everyone write down a little-known fact about themselves when they arrive, then read them out after dessert or whenever you’ve got some downtime. Ask everyone to guess which piece of trivia belongs to who. It’s a game and bonding experience to get to know each other more.

2. Introduce new foods on your holiday menu

Holiday food planning can be difficult because each person has distinct expectations based on their culture or upbringing. Maintain your regular seasonal menu while incorporating some new, approachable dishes like rice with roasted beef tenderloin and pepper sauce, mashed sweet potatoes with some baked chicken, and marinated pasta with chicken caesar salad. These will assist in keeping you fashionable throughout the year.

Making the preparation process interactive is another excellent strategy for making your cuisine stand out. For your holiday picnics with relatives and friends, you may have a cookie decorating station to make the whole process fun.

3. Give out little but memorable gifts

Giveaways and event favours can range from beautiful, practical gifts to things you might throw away after you leave. Provide a themed present, such as holiday-themed décor, candles with a festive smell, seasonal sweets or candies, to liven up your holiday gathering. These kinds of gifts will be appreciated by your visitors and help them remember your occasion.

4. Surprise your guests with fun games

Liven things up by having a few games around. Not everyone may know each other and it’s a good way to get everyone comfortable with each other and also keep your guests entertained. Choose age-appropriate options to ensure all the guests have a good time. You can try Ghanaian favourites – ludo and oware – monopoly, cards, dominoes and many more, so that everyone can participate. End the party with personalised surprise gifts to make it even more memorable.