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5 ways to deal with interfering sister in laws

By Vincent Ashitey
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Some are blessed with secure, mature and loving sister in laws but many complain that their sister in law is very interfering in the couple’s life.So what do you do without fighting with them and putting the husband or wife in a soup?

Here are a few ways that may help you deal with an interfering sister in law.

Filter and privacy

No matter how sweet she is, what happens between you and your partner is totally between you and must not be shared. A line needs to be drawn as to what you must share and what you must not. You cannot take all your problems to her or discuss everything with her. This can even cause interventions or they probably are.

Sibling bond

Every relationship has a different bond be it a mother and her son, father and daughter and most importantly siblings! They knew each other before you came into the picture. The bound needs to be understood and respected. If she is behaving in a certain way then you must try to understand the root cause.

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Husband in the picture

If you are unable to handle the situation then involve your partner. He or she may be able to handle it better. Sometimes your partner talking to the sister in law helps in calming them down.


Instead of dwelling over it and making your own theories, talk to them. In case they cross their limits, say it out loud and tell them that it is bothering you. At times the other person does not even realise the effect of their actions. Stick to your stand and be firm when calling her out. You do not have to be rude but be direct.

Drawing the boundary

The toxic in laws forget all about boundaries and this has been seen in many cases. If not nipped in the bud, it goes on and gets too much to handle. Stop escaping and listening. Draw your boundary and tell your sister in law that you do not appreciate whatever she says or is doing. Keep calm and make sure your voice has that stance as well.

Credit: timesofindia