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7 stylish ways to rock Ankara as an office wear

By Fareeda Abdul Aziz
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Ankara is no longer that native fabric you are only allowed to wear to work on Fridays. Ankara styles have evolved into outfits you can wear any day, anytime, and anywhere, regardless of the occasion. It is now being stylishly infused into work outfits.

 It is time to step up your style game by adding a touch of Ankara to your everyday work outfit and step out looking like the boss you are.

Here are some seven ways to infuse Ankara into your work outfit;

  1. Ankara skirt

For a stylish office look, pair Ankara skirts with a plain colored top and your pair of heels to match. The Ankara skirt may be a straight knee-length skirt, a free skirt, or even one with a front slit.

  1. Ankara top

For a more casual but still a little bit formal look, rock your stylish Ankara top with a pair of boyfriend jeans, plain pants, or even a plain skirt. Finish off the look with your heels and bag to match and watch heads turn.

  1. Ankara suit

Step out looking all shades of confidence in your Ankara suit and pant. This style leaves you looking both chic and classy.

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  1. Ankara peplum

Your regular office gowns don't have to be the same boring style every time. Spice up your style by adding a detachable peplum made from Ankara to your outfit. Wear the peplum over your dress, around your waist.

  1. Ankara blazer

Steal the show by wearing an Ankara jacket or blazer over your office dress.

  1. Ankara pant

Ditch your boring office pants for one made from beautiful Ankara prints and rock stylishly and confidently with a plain top.

  1. Ankara bags

Yet another stylish way to rock Ankara to work is by finishing off your formal look with an Ankara handbag instead of your regular work bag