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Amazing reasons you should eat snails

By Wendy Amarteifio
Amazing reasons you should eat snails
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When it comes to snails people are usually sceptical about eating this delicacy. Research has indicated that snails are not just a delicacy but also healthy.

Benefits of Snails

-Snails are healthy food high in protein with almost no fat, while. It contains almost No Or Very small amount of cholesterol, they are low in kilojoules and also contains amino acids, vitamin and minerals

-Snails have the highest level of meat protein and zero level of fat making it a rich delicacy for the aged, those who are health conscious and overweight ladies

-Snails are rich in calcium and poorly saturated fatty acid, it is highly recommended for rickets and bone problems and children
The rich level of mineral salts iron and iodine make snail a recommendable regular delicacy for pregnant and nursing mother's.

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-Snails have a poor lipid content which makes it be the only meat apart from fish recommended for liver deceased patients. (arteriosclerosis) stroke and asthma patient.

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