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Covid-19: Here are creative ways to keep your kids occupied

By Wendy Amarteifio
Covid-19: Here are creative ways to keep your kids occupied
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Boredom can creep in on the kids as they are all at home and can't go out to socialize.

Almost everyone is at home with their kids because schools have been shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This period can be quite hectic for parents, as kids sometimes can be a handful, keeping them occupied can bring a form of relief to parents.

This shutdown was unexpected to most parents, so to keep your kids occupied until this phase is over, you can try these activities with them every day:

1. Make them work and pay them
This will keep them occupied. They can do basic things such as cleaning the table, laying their beds, sweeping the floor and so on. It is good to imbibe the culture of hard work and also learning the value of money.

2. Build up their library
Now is a perfect time to make them read books more. You can make it a little bit more fun by asking them to give you a summary of what they have read at the end of each book. Also, make sure that the books are age-appropriate for them. Another fun thing to do is to make them write out new words and find the meaning of those words.

3. Get them art tools/supplies

This will allow you to see the creative side of your kid. Stock up the house with glitter glues, palettes, paintbrushes, cardboard, crayons, paints and so much more. This will be an amazing opportunity for them to express their artistic side. The next Vincent van Gogh might just be in your household.

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4. Educational Applications
It is important that as the children are currently at home due to the shutdown of schools, that they are still studying their school books. Help them download useful applications for them to be able to study better as school is still going to resume after the whole pandemic is over. This will help them be up to date in their school work.

5. Movie time
Spend quality time with them and give them some time to relax by watching a movie, an age-appropriate one of course and also an educative one. This will also allow you to bond.