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Here are 3 biggest mistakes people make when buying a new phone

By Wendy Amarteifio
Here are 3 biggest mistakes people make when buying a new phone
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Buying a new phone is both an exciting and overwhelming experience. However, most of us are guilty of making mistakes while in the process.

That said, here are 3 mistakes that you shouldn't make when purchasing a new phone;

-Being too concerned with the brand name

When buying a phone, do not cling on famous brands especially if you're budget. We all know some of the big names in the mobile industry are the iPhones and Samsungs, and sticking to such big names means digging deep into your pockets.

Spending money on a smartphone if you don't have money problems is one thing, but spending all your money on a smartphone and run completely broke is another. Therefore, if you don't have that much money to spend on a phone, consider lesser-known brands, you might find a better phone, with almost the same specifications at a lesser price.

-Not knowing what you exactly want

Shopping for a phone without knowing what exactly you want is like going to the supermarket without a shopping list. Chances are you'll go back home hoping you've bought everything you need but more likely you'll not.

Therefore, if you're planning to buy a new phone, have clear specifications of what you want. It will not only save your time and energy but also save you from buying the wrong thing.

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-Not comparing prices

If you want to make the most out of your money and wish to buy a quality phone at an attractive rate, comparison shopping is your go-to strategy.

Do not buy your phone from the first shop you visited. Deals do exist so don't overpay for that smartphone when you can get a better deal somewhere else. That's why it's always good to window shop in different shops and compare the prices before settling for one.

You might be surprised to find the same phone at a way cheaper price at the last shop you visited.

If you feel lazy or tired shopping around, the internet will do the trick for you. Just search on google and you'll do your comparison shopping in a few minutes.