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Here are habits everyone needs to give up to save the heart

By Mutala Yakubu
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1.Cut proteins

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However, let us return again to what each individual person can do himself. We have already mentioned healthy food more than once: vegetables and a minimum of fatty foods. It turns out that excess protein - meat, poultry, fish - interferes with heart health with age. This was established by scientists from the Medical School of the University of Nanjing (China). They examined more than 200 thousand people for 14 years. It turned out that those who exceeded the daily protein intake worsened the state of the cardiovascular system. So, every extra 20% protein increased the risk of heart attack by 26%. The protein on age and gender, on average it is 0.8–1 g per 1 kg of body weight per day. Only athletes need more, but they are rarely advised more than 2–2.4 gb protein per 1 kg of their weight per day.

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2. Tomatoes clean vessels

And Cambridge University (England) was pleased with the news about the unexpected side of tomatoes. It turns out that the substance lycopene, which is part of their composition, amazingly beneficially affects the endothelium - the inner walls of the vessels. The use of lycopene as an antioxidant has been discussed more than once, now it has become clear that it also cleanses the vessels from the inside, improving their patency by 53%. Of course, this is if the vessels were in poor condition, in healthy ones it simply maintains the norm. Conveniently, unlike many useful substances, lycopene is not afraid of heating, so tomatoes can be stewed and baked with a clear conscience.