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How the return of my school crush made me lose my true love

By primenewsghana
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Why does life have to suck the good times out of you and crumble your spirit down with the most painful decisions? Why can’t life be easy for once?

Ever since my childhood, I have had to face important and difficult decisions that were not something a child should ever have to do. But I did. Now that I am 26 and I expect my life to sail smoothly for once, but conflicting situations always whirl up some problem or the other.

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I have always been a happy-go-lucky guy despite the challenges I faced in my childhood.

My parents were never there for me; there were times I had to cook my own meal before my exams because my parents were always working.

We as a family, never shared a good relationship. I lost the one person I was closest to in my childhood i.e my grandmother. She was all I had but I chose to move on in life with a smile on my face because that is what she would have wanted.

Things finally began looking good for me when I met Preeti. I had been charming my way through people looking for my one true love to settle down in life.

I have always been a one-woman man so I believed it wouldn’t be difficult for me to commit to a person. Preeti turned out to be a beautiful sunflower who brought happiness into people’s lives wherever she went.

She was kind, smart and stunning. No one I ever met could be compared to her. We began going out together and during our courtship period, I flirted with her endlessly to make her feel absolutely special.

We somehow knew that we both are the one for each other. Everything matched and it was so effortless.

But then came a twist in my story. One day, I saw my old school friend, Neha around the block and it completely shocked me.

She was the same girl whom I had a crush on, in my teenage years. She turned out to be truly a beauty. I introduced myself and saw that she remembered me as well. This made me happy and confused at the same time. Why did my heart flutter on seeing her? Shouldn’t my heart only flutter for Preeti?

Since the day Neha came back into my life, I had this huge doubt in my head. It had been months and my heart inched to be closer to Neha but Preeti’s smile made me hold back. Why was I thinking of two people at the same time? Why was I even thinking of another woman when I had someone like Preeti beside me?

And so, one day I decided that these two should meet each other and upon seeing them together, my heart would finally decide whom should I be with.

Well, that turned out to be a disaster. Preeti seemed extremely jealous and Neha was only interested in talking to me. I tried to talk and low-key flirt in a friendly way with both of them but it heavily came upon me.

Later on, they both individually confronted me about who they are to me, to which I got scared and I swiftly said, “I don’t know. I am confused.” This seemed to hit the spot and they both stopped talking to me at the same time!

I was helpless; how could I be so stupid to make them meet together? One silly mistake bore heavily on me as I didn’t know what to do at all or how to make them come back into my life.

Countless texts or calls didn’t work and I was left devastated. My indecisiveness made me lose these two beautiful women in my life.