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Is it a rebound or a real relationship? 9 signs to look out for

By Jennifer Kim Essel
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Rebound relationships are never far away from us. You might think I would never do that to anyone, but It’s a common human reaction to a breakup and that's okay.

So if you just got into a relationship after your 'not so long ago' breakup, you need to ask yourself this question.

Am I rebounding or this relationship the real deal? It’s hard to tell because sometimes our brains play games with us and sometimes we want to believe that we found the right one.

It is, however, important to say that an initial rebound relationship doesn't have to necessarily mean it's a bad thing. Sometimes having a rebound can help you move on and he can actually turn out to be the right person for you.

So there is no finite thing that defines between rebounds as completely unhealthy. However, if you find yourself confused about whether he's anything more than a rebound and you're unsure about the meaning of the relationship, there will be obvious signs that you will need to look for that can help you figure it out.


So, here are 9 possible signs that he's just a rebound...

1. The timing is a bit odd! Usually, when we go through a breakup we need time to heal.

For some people, denial is how they initially react to a breakup and they quickly jump start to new relationships to help them avoid dealing with the breakup. Those relationships sometimes end up being a rebound.

2. You are not over your ex one of the major signs is that you keep thinking about your ex and comparing your current partner to him. You keep remembering him and you feel very confused all the time, doubting a lot of things.

3. You want to know what your ex is up to all the time Usually, it comes in the form of social media stalking. In general, you will find yourself interested in knowing everything that he does.

rebound relationships

4. You’ll want your ex to know that you are in a relationship this is a common and obvious one, even for people who are completely happy and fulfilled in a relationship. But, it can be a clear sign that he's a rebound.

5. You don’t want things to move too fast if you are not in love, you won’t want things to move forward with him. You might miss the hangouts and the attention, but you know you don’t want to commit to him in any other way.

6. You are not comfortable enough with him you might not be comfortable around him or not comfortable when it comes to talking to him.

7. You avoid thinking too much about the relationship. You don’t give yourself enough time to think about this relationship logically and you avoid doubting it, just because you don’t want to feel lonely or heartbroken over your previous relationship.

8. You don’t really have much in common and you don’t feel connected with him and perhaps you wouldn’t have dated him if it wasn’t for your recent breakup.

9. You know something is wrong deep inside but you are too confused to tell what it is.

This could be your mind trying to tell think it over.


Source: Graphic Online