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Sex is overhyped. Don’t you think so?

By Mutala Yakubu
Sex is overhyped. Don’t you think so?
Sex is overhyped. Don’t you think so?
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Sex is overhyped. Don’t you think so?

The cost of sex is more than necessary, so I think.

Just imagine all that one goes through just to enter. Is it worth it?

For some people, just one experiment with sex got them a child at the time they were not ready for a family. The result, they dropped out of school, and life has never been the same again.

Others too, just one sex, one oo, broke their virginity, something they vowed to keep for that special someone. During sex at the honeymoon, they felt just unholy and unworthy. Just one sex with the wrong guy gave the impression to their lover that they have always been doing it. How sad.

For others too, sex with the wrong person broke a marriage relationship they have built for life. It led to divorce, broken home for the kids, and they lost all their place of dignity in life and society.

As a manager of that company, sex with that staff destroyed all your reputation but more than that, it tore the business apart as that girl was dating the Operations Manager before you met her. The rivalry between the Operation managers and CEO meant that official duties have to suffer.

Benjamin Akyena Brantuo

I am also thinking about how just one sex has destroyed men of honour. Politicians like Bill Clinton lost their respect because of sex with the wrong person. Our pastors are losing respect, they are losing congregation, and even anointing because of sex.

The lack of sexual control is even causing fathers to sleep with their own children. That is evil that must not be tolerated.

Now think about it, this sex business, what at all is the profit? Actually, it lasts for minutes, that is if you are lucky and then it’s gone. Even worse the joy does not stay with you for a day. And the next thing you want more.

Is this worth the sacrifice, effort, pain, and consequence one has to endure just to have sex? Even others died just having sex.

What do you really lose when you say no to sex? What do you lose? There is hardly any medical record that people who don’t engage in this sex business are losing anything. You don’t lose anything by not have sex. You don’t.

Instead, abstinence from sex has profit. A lot of it. For the guys, you get to keep your money, save your reputation, and focus on your work. You don’t get HIV or put anybody in the family way or allow another to stand between you and building a decent home and family.  That morally upright life may earn you a place in heaven.

We should be able to say no to sex with the wrong person.

We should be able to wait for the right person before having sex.

We should be able to delay sexual gratification.

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Source: Ghana | | Akyena Brantuo