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Things to consider when planning for a beach wedding

By Wendy Amarteifio
beach wedding
Things to consider when planning for a beach wedding
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What is your dream place to conduct a wedding? Well, as some might prefer doing it inside a church building, other may end up choosing an open place such as a beach. When preparing for a beach wedding, a number of things should be consider.

Here are some of the things to keep in mind when planning for a beach wedding;

1. Time of the day

Temperature in a beach is usually hot in the afternoon hence; it is good to consider doing it in the morning or after the sunset. Also, check on the direction of the tides of that particular day online.

2. Photography

Since the lighting in a beach is unpredictable, it is important for one to choose a good photographer. Make sure that the chosen photographer is familiar with beach lighting so that he or she does not struggle much or produce poor photos and videos.

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3. What to wear

What you’ll wear on the final day matters a lot. Make sure that the dressing is made up of light fabric due to the high temperature around the beach. Avoid wearing clothes that are made up of heavy fabrics because that will make you uncomfortable as one is likely to sweat a lot.